Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hello: Snow Emergency Remains In Effect

I wrote this poem for Jackie Rossetti and the City of Somerville:

Hello: Snow Emergency Remains In Effect

***** For Jackie Rossetti

Like an anxious lover
I wait for her call
her passionless voice
at the break of dawn:

"This is Jackie Rossetti from the City of Somerville...
we are still on..."

Until Feb. 2
at the very least,
as the snow outside
my window
shows no intent
to cease.

In the winter of my discontent,
I want to see her--
my raging heart
into the raging storm
but she is a rebel
she is on the
other side of the tracks
on the odd-side of the street...
How I wish
we can meet.

I will try to save her
a seat
perhaps a lawn chair
on that
freshly minted white carpet
but she'll treat
me like thrash
and throw it all way
after all...
it's a snow day.

I will pine for her
I will salt
I will sand
I won't
let what we have
slip from my frostbitten hand.

I would never dare
to shovel
what we share--
our pristine New England snow--
our frigid love,
the cold storage secrets we keep
onto the unforgiving
mean streets.

But in the end
I will break
a city ordinance
our ticket
to meet.

She will be unforgiving
subject me to fines
but Jackie Rossetti
I can read
between the lines.

---Doug Holder

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