Saturday, August 30, 2003

Lisa Smith of Somerville Community Access TV has organized a poetry reading on Saturday Sept 13 at 2PM. This is part of the Somerville Windows Art Project Celebration. Poets/Writers of Somerville will celebrate the city... I will be reading at 2PM...That's Channel 3 in Somerville

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Well the Stone Soup Antholoy 2003 reception went well. Such folks as Buddah, Billy Barnum, Doug Holder, Joanna Nealon, Jack Powes, RUV, Lynne ( Prize Lady) Sticklor, Debbie Priestly, Sue Landon, Marc Widershien, VICTOR and others attended. The antholgy is now archived at the Univ. of Buffalo thanks to Mike Basinski. (asst.curator) Also: All of Jack Powers papers and tapes will be going to Buffalo, for a special Jack Powers collection. We all are very happy about that.