Friday, July 20, 2007

Formation of ISCS PRESS/ service to small publishers

(Left to Right) Glines and Holder
Press Release

Two Creative Talents Announce the Formation of ISCSpress to Service Small
Publishers and Independent Authors

Steve Glines, president of Industrial Myth and Magic and Doug Holder,
president of Ibbetson Street Press announce the creation of ISCSpress a
publishers service bureau offering editorial, production and marketing
services nationwide.

Somerville, MA (PRWEB) July 20, 2007 -- Steve Glines, president of
Industrial Myth and Magic and Doug Holder, president of Ibbetson Street
Press announce the creation of ISCSpress to service the needs of small
publishers and independent authors in the Boston area and nationwide.

"Both small presses and independently published authors are rarely able to
provide the expertise required to bring a book to market," said Doug Holder,
"by combining our editorial, design and marketing skills we hope to bring
about a renaissance in the small press world by allowing independent
publishers access to the same level of resources the big boys have."

"We have a magnificent staff," said Steve Glines, "Our principal designer
has been designing books for over 30 years and our editors include a
Pulitzer Prize finalist, serial novelists, retired and active professors,
Fulbright scholars and assorted other literati. Our marketing director has
successfully promoted dozens of books in just the last year, placing
reviews, radio interviews and arranging readings and book signings all over
the US."

Ibbetson Street publishes the best of the small press. Our press is
nationally distributed. We have received notice in the Boston Globe, Small
Press Review, Harvard Review, Verse Daily, etc. We have published over 30
books by writers like: A.D. Winans, Linda Lerner, Ed Galing, Robert K.
Johnson, Louisa Solano, Hugh Fox and others; as well as 21 issues of the
literary journal "Ibbetson Street." Ibbetson Street Press books are
distributed nationally and are available at most independent bookstores and
on See

Industrial Myth is a cooperative collection of poets, playwrights,
novelists, freelance journalists and an assortment of fine and commercial
artists who know when to think out of the box. At Industrial Myth & Magic
our mission is to tell an intriguing story that will resonate with your
customers and draw them to you, your company and your products. It's not
good enough to state the obvious, you need a more compelling story, a story
that will be told and retold. It's not just advertising, it's not just
marketing, it's not just corporate design, it's the creation of an
industrial myth and that's magic. See

ISCSPress is an author and publishers service bureau. ISCSpress performs all
the functions of a publisher on an a la carte basis:

- Editorial: including developmental editing, ghost writing, copyediting.
- Production: including book design, copyright, ISBN and CIP registration,
printer brokerage (both conventional and POD), warehousing and fulfillment.
- Marketing: including pitching to editors, publishers and authors agents,
marketing campaigns to bookstores and unconventional outlets, placing
reviews, author and book publicity & promotion, arranging book signing
tours, web site development and book club promotion.

ISCSpress associates have written, edited, designed and promoted hundreds of
books over the past few years. ISCSpress can be found on the web at http://

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Praise for the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene

Dear Doug Holder—

I’m writing a brief entry on the Grolier for the forthcoming Oxford Companion to the Book. Your BLOG piece on the Grolier was very helpful.



Editor Emeritus UMass Press


Paul M. Wright, PhD

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"In A Stone's Hollow" by Freddy Frankel.

IN A Stone's Hollow : Poems by Freddy Frankel. ( Bedbug Press PO BOX 39 Brownsville, Or 97327)

After a long career in medicine Newton, Mass. poet Freddy Frankel, ( now in his 80's) has come into his own as a poet. Frankel, in a relatively short period of time, has won the "New England Writers Robert Penn Warren Award," his poetry collection "Hottentot Venus" was published by the Pudding House Press, and his work has appeared in such journals as : Concho River, Passager, The Iconoclast, and Ibbetson Street. In his latest collection: " In A Stone's Hollow," Frankel, who was born in South Africa, writes about his experiences as a South African recruit in World War ll, and his childhood experience of racism , apartheid, and growing up Jewish. I was particularly drawn to Frankel's poems of his childhood in South Africa. In the poem "My Mother's Jewish Accent," Frankel sees his mother in a sort of Yiddish "Pygmalion" scene, in which she tries to corset her native tongue to the tapered and cultivated tones of a proper English accent:

"In the presence of the English
my mother widened her mouth,
exhaled the new angular words
unfolding on her unathletic tongue.

The tutor came, I watched from the garden
as she read, separating syllables into a string of pearls;
lips rounded to free the dipthongs house--spouse;
droning this--that, the dentals forced against her teeth.

Then I saw her stand before the mirror, inflating
her cheeks and her chest, in small bursts hammering
Out, damned spot! Out, I say! My mother, my favorite
person, lost to me--becoming somebody else."

This is a rude awakening of a boy to adult realities, and the pain of assimilation.

In "Grief and Grievance" Frankel reveals the disparity between the White and Black world through a funeral for a neighbor's infant. Frankel uses flowers to make his poem bloom:

" After the funeral
of my neighbor's infant son
roses and delphiniums
on the tables, orchids
on the mantel, people stand
in clusters. In the kitchen
the house-boy washes teacups,
eyes fixed on the sink.
A year ago he lost
his daughter, picked wild
baby's breath to decorate
her grave. Grief and grievance
softly rise and fall,
servants carry trays, Tea for madam,
would the master like some tea?"

Highly Recommended.