Sunday, April 04, 2004

Well... it was great to be manning the book table with poets Lisa Beatman and Harris Gardner at the Boston National Poetry Month Festival at the Boston Public Library on Saturday. ( April 3 2004) It was a lively crowd, and I got to talk to many of my fellow poets and friends like: Marc Goldfinger, Diana Saenz ( Boston Poet), Marc Widershien ( "The Life of All Worlds"), L. Schwartz ("Goodnight Gracie"), Michael Brown ( "Poetry Off Broadway"), Robert K. Johnson ( "The Latest News), Rhina Espillat ( Pow Wow River Poets) Barbara Helfgott Hyett ( Poem Works), Rosanna Warren, and many others. A lot of books were sold, as folks supported their favorite poets. Today we take the party to Northeastern--Dodge Hall 1PM--hope to see you there!