Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Andreza Moon: A Face and Body painter, with a Great Body of Work.

Andreza Moon. A Face and Body painter, with a Great Body of Work.

Andreza Moon is a multidisciplinary artist based in Somerville , MA, since 2003. She is originally from Brazil. She told the Times,
“I am a Face & Body Painter, actress, circus performer & theater producer. I have already won nine awards because of my work. I also received a citation from the House of Representatives of the State of Massachusetts, for my dedication to the arts and Brazilian culture.
My Somerville connection started a couple years ago, while working as a face painter for Somerville Family Networking, producing plays at the Arts at the Armory and working with a local photographer, as a body painter at the Somerville Art Studios.
Also, I'm part of the Omolu production from Robson Lemos. Omolu is a play that deals with Brazilian/ African culture. I am also starting my fashion brand --Moon Tribe.
I also have a 3D Art Show online called - Papillon here's the link: "

Tell us a bit how Somerville has been for you, as a place of creative expression?

It is the best city for any immigrant/ artist to live. The city always embraces us, and gives us opportunity too.

Among other things you are a body painter and you started out as a face painter. Where did you train for this? Why did you progress to the body from the face?

I started this whole face paint idea, when I decided to open my own business “Kids Party Entertainment.” So, I started looking for some schools and I found out about an event that happens every year in Florida. I went for the first time in 2008. This was the first time I saw this type of body paint and fell in love with it, and I started my practice in 2010.


Why would someone want their body painted? How long does it last?

Body paint is a celebration of the body. Human bodies are canvases. People who bless us with their bodies in the name of art understand this-- the real meaning behind it. The paint last only for couple hours, because the paints are water- based. .


You are an actress as well, and you are appearing in a play “Omulu” by Somerville- based playwright Robson Lemos. Tell us a bit about the play and your role as an actress, and in production.

- I'm an actress and theater producer. With “Omulu” I will not be acting, but I will be responsible for the marketing and promotion of the project.


I know your work must be enjoyed by the Brazilian community. How about outside of it?

-Most of my body painting projects were all made with Americans. I had the luck to also to work in fashion shows, and collaborated with very amazing photographers in photo shoots. I have been working since 2010 with Ikonas Photography based in the Somerville Brickbottom Artist Studios.


Has anyone expressed concerns of the morality of painting nude bodies?

I am a professional. I try my best to educate people about body paint. As body painters we celebrate the bodies and its parts as art, not pornography. I personally don’t like to body paint men or naked girls.

But if I have a professional photo shoot, with experienced models and photographers, they understand the art‘s meaning and purpose.


Tell us about your latest art exhibit.

- My 3D art show on-line “Papillon” was made with body paint and Digital Art. I tell my viewers about the formation of a Butterfly-from her caterpillar stage through the adult phase.

When she finally becomes a butterfly, she starts to fly. Like a dream come true; we can become butterflies too, and achieve our highest spiritual levels.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Boston National Poetry Festival April 15 to 17 2021


Boston National Poetry Month Festival

A Virtual Performance of Poetry and Music

April 15th,16th & 17th


 Martha Collins, Writers Without Margins,
Christle Rawlins-Jackson, Tomas O'Leary, Rhina P. Espaillat,
Alfred Nicol, Ed Meek, Doug Holder, U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo,
Cedar Gate Writers, Kathleen Aguero, Richard Hoffman, Fred Marchant,
Charles Coe, Lauren Marie Schmidt, and special guest Martín Espada.
~Audience Q&A with the poets~

Plus Music by:   Stan Strickland, Julian Dinwoodie,
Claire Mulvaney, Beatrice Green, and Thea Hopkins