Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Syed Zaman

 Syed Zaman

Syed Zaman is a graduate of Sofia University and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  He writes, "I currently work in academia at Harvard University. I enjoy exploring creativity through contemplative photography, drawing, word-play, and working as a creativity coach. While in constant engagement with writing, I feel words carrying me forward to places where I am able to articulate to myself that which helps refine a consciousness that is capable of registering the most minute changes in sensation and feeling through a sense of self with an enlarged sense of creative identity."

I Will Find You Again

Time disappears into a different 
Direction—a new meaning—the soul 
Continues to breathe through the 
Changing seasons—
Growing in silence—
Guiding the heart—as it grieves for 
What it has lost, as it gives away what 
Will never go away. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Poet Caroline Moll will be the next Endicott College /Ibbetson Street Press Young Poet with her new book "Late Night Trains."

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About The Young Poet Series at Endicott College

In 2013 Doug Holder, founder of Ibbetson Street Press, and Dan Sklar, Creative Writing professor, started The Young Poet Series at Endicott College. Each semester an Endicott student will have their own poetry chapbook published by Ibbetson Street Press.
Emily Pineau, director and editor of The Young Poet Series, will work with each student as they prepare their manuscript.
The following poets have been published in The Young Poet Series (in order):
Emily Pineau, Meghan Perkins, Jason Roberts, Kimberly Pavlovich, Paige Shippie, Michael Goodwin, Alexandra Munteanu, Simrin Tamhane, and others...