Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Let's see... a lot of time to think with all this snow. A new paper is in town "The Alewife"(Cambridge, Mass.) And poet Lo Galluccio is the poetry editor for this new kid on the block. She is accepting poetry for possible publication: right now it is a free monthly. Founded by Neil W. McCabe, also of "The Somerville News."

I was chatting with Louisa Solano of the "The Grolier Poetry Book Shop" in Cambridge, Mass. She tells me there will be a joint reading with the "Cafe Review," and "Ibbetson Street" in the spring at Harvard...nice work if you can get it....

Susie Davidson, that red-headed firebrand of "The Jewish Advocate" fame is slated to have a book out in April "I Refused To Die." (Ibbetson Street) that consists of oral testimony of Holocaust ( Boston-area) survivors.

I released a new,and better looking edition of my collection of poetry "Dreams At the Au Bon Pain." Only four bucks... contact me at

I went to a fairly new reading venue the other night. It was held at the "Cambridge Co-Housing" development on 175 Richdale St. in Cambridge. Nice surroundings, people, great poets, plus a roaring fire and munchies. Harris Gardner read that night, along with another great local bard whose name escapes me. The name of this event is the '"Fireside" series. It meets the last Tuesday of every month--7:30PM.

" Pressed Wafer"press editor Joe Torra gave me a new chapbook of poetry from veteran Boston bard Jim Dunn--friend to the late John Weiners, and long-time pal of Jack Powers of Stone soup Poetry fame. Joe Torra and Dunn will be reading at the "Toast Poetry Series" in the Spring. This great series is sponsored by that great newspaper "The Somerville News"