Saturday, February 26, 2005

I just interviewed "Mothra" and Matt, two principals involved in creating the new 'zine library in Cambridge, Mass. They hope to have it opened in April 2005, at 54 Mt. Auburn St. in Harvard Square.

Yellow Pepper Press ( Pittsburg, PA.) has agreed to publish my book "Wrestling With My Father" It should be released in the Fall of 2005.

Lois Ames, confidant of Anne Sexton, will be a guest at the Wilderness House Literary Retreat April 9.

Next month in Poesy Magazine, I will have an article about Robert Creeley's visit to the Wilderness House...

Lo Galluccio, and "The Alewife," a North Cambridge newspaper founded by Neil W. McCabe, will be having a poetry venue starting in March at "Spirits" outside of Porter Square, Cambridge, on Mass. Ave.

Word has it that The Somerville News will go weekly in March. That means I will need more poetry for the "Lyrical" Somerville.

Ibbetson poets Linda Haviland Conte, Deborah M. Priestly and Doug Holder will be reading April 21 as part of the "Grolier Poetry Reading Series," Small Press Celebration with Maine's "Cafe Review." That will be At Adams House 8PM.

Harris Gardner is working feverishly to get the "Boston National Poetry Festival Marathon" up and running April 2-3 at the Boston Public Library. For more info go to: