Saturday, March 19, 2005

I just found out that Cait Collins, the founder of condolences...

Marc Widershien, author of the lyrical memoir of Boston "The Life of All Worlds," ( Ibbetson 2001) has now released a CD version of the book. He appeared on the "Jordan Rich" show on WBZ AM recently.

Linda Haviland Conte and Mary Buchinger Bodwell recieved a Somerville Arts Council grant for a poetry workshop. It will start in April at the main branch of the Somerville, Mass. library.

Programs were just released for the "Boston National Poetry Month Festival" slated for April2 and 3 at the Copley Branch of the Boston Public Library.

My friends Timothy Gager and Maria McCarthy, founders of the Heat City Review tell me the print version will be out this month.

"The Somerville News" has gone weekly and so has the "Lyrical Somerville" So check out poetry every week.