Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Benefactors for the Ibbetson Street 48 Fundraiser


Thanks to all you poets and wonderful holy fools for supporting the Ibbetson Street Press:. Doug Holder/Ibbetson Street Press/Sept. 2020

Bill Falcetano

Tom Miller

Maureen McElroy

Rodger LeGrand

DeWitt Henry

Joy Martin

Gloria Mindock

Susan Tepper

Mike Steffen

Alexis Graudberg

Elizabeth Wolf

Ron Kalman

Barbara Brock

Karen Klein 

Ed Meek

Bridget Galway

Shelby Allen

Blaine Hebbel

Lee Varon

Steve Bodwell

Nina Alonso

David Miller

Phil Temples

Llyn Clague

Beautiful Music

David Donna

Wendell Smith

Rachel Cann

Small Poet at Large

Ruth Smullin

Helen O'Leary

Timothy Gager

Julia Carlson

Dennis Daly

Norlinda Conroe

Lee Varon

Phil Temples

Paul Steven Stone

Glen Bowie

Tomas O'Leary

Lawrence kessenich

Big Table Publishing

Steve Glines

Robert Miller

Michael C. Keith

Denise Provost

Harris Gardner

Zvi Sesling

Cynthia Duda

Rusty Barnes

Doug Holder to read for the Worcester County Poetry Association as part of their Frank O'Hara Award Celebration

**** Holder was the judge of the event in 2020.