Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Somerville's Ibbetson Press Releases Issue 21

(Ibbetson Street Press staff/contributors at original Ibbetson Street location in Somerville, Mass.)
Somerville’s literary journal “Ibbetson Street” releases its 21st issue.

Doug Holder

Since 1998 the “Ibbetson Street Press” has published a literary journal “Ibbetson Street,” and poetry collections from its original home on 33 Ibbetson Street, and now on 25 School Street in our beloved burg. Founded by Doug Holder, Dianne Robitaille, and Richard Wilhelm, the press is now releasing its 21st issue, with a celebratory reading to be held June 10 (5PM) at McIntyre and Moore Books in Davis Square. The press publishes many folks outside of Somerville, but Somerville poets are always well-represented in each issue. In terms of staff Somerville residents Linda Haviland Conte and Ray Conte run the website, Highland Road resident Richard Wilhelm, is the long-time arts/editor, and Dianne Robitaille my wife and trusty editor, resides with me at our well-appointed apartment on School Street just outside of Union Square.

In issue 21 we have a number of fine poems from ‘ville bards. Linda Haviland Conte, a special education teacher, and long-time resident of Hall Ave, has a poem perfect for a spring day:


It’s a happening place
in my neighbor’s yard
where Forsythia dangles her
bright yellow kerchiefs in greeting
to the cool spring breezes.
Blue Jays, cardinals and finches
vie for the best branches
to flash their fancy colors
and nip at the blossoms
as if scarfing down their brightness
could make them any more perky.

--- Linda Haviland Conte

There is also poetry from such local talents as: Timothy Gager, Lo Galluccio, Dianne Robitaille, and Deborah M. Priestly, to name just a few. Jennifer Matthews, who has sung at many Somerville venues, has some striking photography on the front and back covers. There is also an account of an afternoon with Louisa Solano, the former owner of the famed “Grolier Poetry Book Shop,” when she was a guest at the ‘Wilderness House Literary Retreat in Littleton, Mass. ‘Ibbetson Street’ is available at McIntyre Moore Books, Porter Square Books, and the Grolier Poetry Book Shop in Harvard Square. http://www./

Monday, May 07, 2007

Doug Holder to appear on "Poet's Corner" Provincetown Radio

Re: “The Poets Corner” features Doug HolderDate: May 17, May 14, 2007Contact: Joe Gouveia

(Left) Doug Holder
Boston Poet & Publisher Doug Holder to Appear on Provincetown Community Radio Boston resident, poet and publisher of The Ibbetson St. Press, Doug Holder will appear on WOMR-FM, community radio station of Provincetown, MA on Thursday, May 17 & 24, 2007 from 12:45 to 1:00pm as a two part interview.

The show “The Poets Corner,” hosted by Cape Cod poet Joe Gouveia, airs every Thursday on 92.1FM or online at

Doug Holder is a mainstay of the Boston Poetry scene and integral literati to the greater poetry community at large. He will speak about and read his own original writing, his views on contemporary poetry in the US and speak on what it takes to operate a small press.

For more info concerning this interview or any other inquiries on “The Poets Corner” show, host Joe Gouveia call WOMR-FM in Provincetown at 508.487.2619

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Review of "Ibbetson Street" 20

Review of “Ibbetson Street 21” in the Small Press Review / March-April 2007 Ibbetson Street Press 25 School St. Somerville, Mass. 02143

R. Kimm

Ibbetson Street has finally reached its 20th issue mark. About 41 pages, mostly poetry… Surprisingly firm, supple poems. Heavy instantaneous dose of…infused with nature. Willing to leap beyond what has already happened, to, the Original.

From Jean Keskulla’s “Reading Russian Folktales on a Flight to Florida” (p.7)

The lovers seated in front of
us nibble
each other’s ears, lips,
eyelids, I think
they are two girls until one
revealing a stubby chin, a
adolescent voice. They alone
are not weary.

Across the aisle a girl brushes
her long
lustrous hair over and over;
even her round
white arm seems to gleam
with each stroke.
I think I know what it's like
to be Baba Yaga,
the witch, eager to feast on
the young.

A.K. Allin’s poem, “central park Jan. 2005,” is prefaced with this quote from Tim Blue (?) speaking about Jean Genet (?)

Pre-Islamic theology of vi-
sionary space sees geography
as event rather than thing.
The one who lives within it
wanders through something
that has happened.

Esp. righteous poems by Ruth Sabath Rosenthal (“For Want of Red”) and Sue Budin (“Wanting’)

Plus a pro-forma “dueling essay” on “gender equity” in poetry published c. 1950-2006 by Charles Ries and Ellaraine Lockie.

To order a copy of Ibbetson Street send 7 dollares to Ibbetson Street 25 School St. Somerville, Mass. 02143