Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Poet Lisa Beatman puts on paper her experience at the Ames Paper Factory

A new book of poetry released by the Ibbetson Street Press of Somerville "Manufacturing America." Lisa Beatman, a well-known Boston area poet writes of her experience teaching immigrant workers at the Ames Paper Factory in Somerville, Mass.

Press Release


“Manufacturing America” Punches the Time Clock

What will happen when nothing is “Made in America” anymore? What will happen to all that machinery: the machines themselves, the operators that drove them, and the old walls and roofs that housed manufacturing villages churning out blue jeans and paychecks to a vanishing middleclass?

Award-winning author Lisa Beatman answers these questions and more in Manufacturing America (ISBN 978-0-6151-8124-0, Ibbetson Street Press, $14.95), a collection of poetry and prose. Beatman won first prize at the 2000 Lucidity poetry conference, and Honorable Mention for the 2004 Miriam Lindberg International Poetry Peace Prize. She was also awarded a Fellowship to Sacatar Foundation in Brazil, and a Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant.

Norm Davis, editor of the HazMat Review, says, " Beatman’s poetry is very alive and full of feeling and pictures. The working people she writes about are not simply “victims” at the hands of exploiters. They are fighters, too. Her poem, Good Bones, portrays the magnitude and the utter tragedy of what has happened to the working class.”

In Manufacturing America, Beatman conducts a chorus of immigrant factory workers. The collection moves through the ‘life cycle’ of manufacturing – from its roots in the Lowell, MA textile mills, through downsizing, to the ‘artist lofts’ mined from the old buildings as manufacturing moves overseas. It documents the swan song of a formerly vital sector that historically provided a leg up to many American workers. The book is true-to-life, based on her job at a manufacturing plant near Boston, MA.

Susan Eisenberg, author of Blind Spot, says, "Manufacturing America bears witness to the lyrical life of a factory and the individuals who inhabit it at the start-up of the 21st-century. Lisa Beatman adds the stories of immigrant workers, heard through the ear of a poet on site to teach literacy skills, to the growing literature of work poetry."

Lisa Beatman currently manages adult education programs at the Harriet Tubman House in Boston, MA. She studied international public administration at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Her poems and stories have appeared in Lonely Planet, Lilith Magazine, Hawaii Pacific Review, Powhatan Review, Rhino, Manzanita, and Pemmican. Her first book, “Ladies’ Night at the Blue Hill Spa”, was published by Bear House Publishing.

Doug Holder, Editor of Ibbetson Street Press, says, “Lisa Beatman's poetry reminds me of another Mass. Cultural Council Award winner, Charles Coe. Both Cole and Beatman's work is accessible but layered with meaning. Their poetry has an ample dose of levity, and at the same time, it is wise and knowing. Beatman has a gimlet reporter's eye and a poet's heart.”

For information, and to place book orders, contact:
Doug Holder
Ibbetson Street Press
21 School Street
Somerville, MA 02143
Phone: 617-628-2313

Monday, December 31, 2007

Voices Israel Trip-- Pictures--2

More pictures from "Voices Israel Trip" I was a guest of the "Voices Israel" literary organization. ( Dec 2007)

Photos courtesy of **John Michael Simon

1 Workshop- "Residence Hotel" Netanya

2 Workshop - ......................

3 Mediterranean Sea-- Netanya

4 Metula

5 Workshop-Netanya ( Group)

6 Sea of Gaillee

7 Workshop-- Netanya