Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wave and Metronome by John Flynn

Wave and Metronome by John Flynn (Pudding House Chapbook Series 81 Shadymere Lane Columbus, Ohio 43213

Review by Doug Holder

John Flynn is originally from Boston and his poetry like that of the late Dave Church, has that well-honed, griity, and studied urban feel to it. Flynn wrote me he has been rejected by a slew of Iowa Writing School type publications, but his work has found a home in the very respectable Pudding House Press, and a great number of fine small press magazines over the years. We have had the pleasure of having Kevin on "Ibbetson Street" our literary journal, a couple of times as well.

In his new collection "Wave and Metronome" Flynn appreciates the beauty in the ugly, the mumblings of old stumblebums over cheap shot glasses of bourbon, and the sanctuary of the " Diner." Flynn captures the vernacular of townies reminiscing about the "old days," as evidenced by his poem "Mulcahey's Pub Under the Merit Sign." Here the pub is a focal point and a balm for a regular Joe pontificating:

Millbury street was a canal once,

and White an amusement pahk.

Bet youz didn't know that.

What's gone?

Well, a lotta things.

Two words come to mind: manufacturing jobs.

otherwise, it's still there, in a way,

except the Big Boy statue

and the musty Webster Square pool hall

a dark basement full of trimmed Brunswick tables.

I healed in dat place, so many nights.

Highly Recommended.

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