Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Misplaced Joan of Arc by Leah Angstman

Some Misplaced Joan of Arc by Leah Angstman (Alternating Current Press $5

Review by Doug Holder

Leah Angstman, founder of the local Alternating Current Press works as a bartender at an aptly named place for a writer to work in: "Bukowski's," a bar in Inman Square, Cambridge. She puts out a neat little magazine Poiesis and a slew of mini-chapbooks of poetry. Her latest project is a beautiful looking small chap titled: "Some Misplaced Joan of Arc," written by Angstman herself. Now Angstman always has an original take on things. And here is a signature poem that you might want to keep "abreast" of:

"seventy something percent of women have mismatched breasts"

perhaps some genes or
parts switched around at birth
and yet
there are no bras mismatched

dressed in discomfort
with the dilemma of the d
or the c

flapping like a jaw
inside d
too roomy on the left
chaffing against pudding

or squished into the c with
right nipple perched
across fabric's edge
bunched to the inside
appearing a cyclops breast
fighting for air
squirming to wink.

If I were you I would get this hot little pocket book of poetry and squeeze into your c or d cup.

Doug Holder/Ibbetson Update

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  1. Thanks for the review and for giving my book a read!

    -leah angstman
    Propaganda Press