Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Wind's Tale by Paul Steven Stone


“The Wind’s Tale,” by Paul Steven Stone, illustrated by Carla Carey, transports the reader to a magical place as seen through the eyes of Bobby, a young boy confined to a wheelchair and unable to speak. Through Bobby’s eyes we see gorgeous sunsets and, as the shadows of night approach, an imaginary world of bandits, wild horses and jungles. All of these images come alive in Stone’s story and in the gorgeous watercolor illustrations of Carey.

Bobby sees the world as a vibrant and enchanted place and yet only his older brother, as he looks deeply into Bobby’s eyes, seems to truly understand the richness of his disabled brother’s world.

A story that conveys the magic of the natural and imaginary world, as well as the deep bond between two brothers, “The Wind’s Tale” is a book children and adults will be sure to treasure.

Bio: Lee Varon

Co-editor of “Spare Change News Poems: An Anthology by Homeless People and those Touched by Homelessness,” and the forthcoming children’s book: “My Brother is not a Monster: A Story of Addiction and Recovery.”

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