Saturday, April 11, 2020

Poem During the Plague: Poem 7

Poet Tom Driscoll

Recently, my poetry has appeared in two anthologies, “Yearning to Breathe Free: Poetry from the Immigrant Community”(Moonstone Arts Center, 2019), edited by the Moonstone Arts editorial committee, and “Art on the Trails: Marking Territory” (Route 7, 2019), with poems selected edited by Zachary Bos, the publisher of Pen & Anvil Press, and the editor of the New England Review of Books. The Decadent Review carried my poem “Concerto in D Major” in February 2020. Indolent Books’ online series, What Rough Beast carried my poem “Border Music” in October 2019. “Duty Leave Home” was awarded the Wheeler Memorial Library Robert P Collen Prize in 2017

April weather

Fragment catches spare light to
flash beatify brokenness itself—

glass shard or rain-wet pavement;
the water bead on a camera lens

becomes the comment on witness,
prayer to vacancy, communion

asked of the absent, lost, lowered
of expectation, demeaned and holy.

Call anyone you like an angel, silence
seems the more articulate... let its voice.

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