Monday, April 27, 2020

Poem During the Plague: Poem 23

Ed Meek

Ed Meek is the author of four  books of poetry and a collection of short stories. His new book of poems, High Tide, is available for pre-order. He also writes articles, reviews and commentary. His work has appeared in many magazines, journals and newspapers including The Paris Review, The North American Review, Cream City Review, The Boston Review, The Sun, The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald.  He has taught composition, creative writing and literature at the high school and college level. He lives in Somerville with his wife Elizabeth.

On Pandemic Island

Now the seven days have become one.
Every day the Monday of a long weekend.
It’s National work-from-home-day.
Call your parents, friends, siblings’ day.
Home school day.

Wherever we are, we now inhabit a small town.
We take long, meandering strolls.
Random cars cruise deserted streets.
Weary of strangers, we startle
at sniffles, coughs and sneezes.

We give everyone a wide berth,
navigating around them
as if we are in boats.
We live in the singularity
of the eternal present.
Every day like a snow day
without snow. We plan
for the indefinite future
on an etch a sketch

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