Thursday, April 23, 2020

Poem during the Plague: Poem 19

John Cuetara has published several collections of poems and short 
stories and his work has appeared in over a dozen literary reviews.
In the seventies he studied with Bernard Malamud and John Gardner
at Bennington College.  John works as a therapist and lives with his
wife on the Mystic Lakes in W. Medford MA.

A Cruise to Nowhere
By John Cuetara

We’re driving through ghost-town/Boston,
the city of my birth, admiring the
empty silver buildings of the waterfront,
passing a lonely fleet of casino boats.
I long for a lobster from one of these
shuttered seafood joints, I’d love to
take a booze cruise on that tour boat
or visit the modern art museum.
I’m ready to throw a party celebrating
spring and the end of hard times
like they did after World War II.
I love this old city and can’t wait
for it to come back.    

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