Saturday, December 01, 2018

The Sunday Poet: Ed Meek

Ed Meek is the author of the poetry collections "Spy Pond" and  "What We Love." He also has a collection of short stories out titled, "Luck."


He was good with his hands;
my father could fix
a leaky faucet or
a squeaky hinge.
He’d take on projects
whenever he’d visit—
he always brought his tools
in the trunk of his car.
He liked to keep them handy
in case the dishwasher
refused to start
or the wires crossed in a lamp
or a screen slider
slid off the track.
He tried to teach me
how to wield a wrench
and I was happy to crawl
beneath a car
to replace the shoes,
or hover over an engine
and with his guiding hand
adjust the idle
but my mind
was always
elsewhere thinking
of Holden’s phonies
or Nick’s river
or Emily’s eternity
and the way
words sounded
when you put them together
and turned them over
in your mind.

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