Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Staged Reading: Lawrence Kessenich's new play "The Patient" adapted from the short story "The Quiet Room" by Doug Holder Feb. 10, 2019 6PM

(Newton, MA.) Playwright Lawrence Kessenich's new play  The Patient will have a staged reading at the Newton Woman's Club in Newton, MA. Feb. 10, 2019.  https://www.newtonwomansclub.com/  The event will start at 6PM. The staged reading is presented by the Playwright's Platform   http://playwrightsplatform.org/about-us/

This play is adapted from a short story by poet Doug Holder The Quiet Room  https://medium.com/the-coil/the-quiet-room-fiction-doug-holder-1caac5e02755  that is very loosely based on Holder's experience at McLean Hospital. Holder worked at the hospital for 36 years and used to run poetry groups for psychiatric patients there.

The lead actor is Greg Hovanesian-- who will play the mental health worker, actor Paul Walsh will play the patient;  the nurse TBA.

              Paul Walsh http://playwrightsplatform.org/actors/paul-v-walsh/                               
              Greg Hovanesian    https://newplayexchange.org/users/12261/greg-hovanesian

              *****Anybody is welcome to come — be prepared to sit through a 10-minute critique of the play, and there’s no guarantee that  The Patient will be read first, so you may hear some other fine plays read, too.

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