Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Sebastian Lockwood

Sebastian Lockwood


Sebastian Lockwood is a Storyteller who specializes in the epics and has narrated a series of audio books available at and  Lockwood lives with his wife, singer and producer, Nanette Perrotte, under Crotched Mountain, NH.


Climb that Cliff

Boys on the beach in grinding shingle

Climbing the rotten clay cliff

Incoming pigeon bombs

A thousand small deaths later

Nose and lip over the top

To find four foul golfers at golf.

Now from the height of this hill

Sixty some winters later

I look back down at the cross-roads

The dead-ends and paths not taken

But granted, see both blessings and toil

Now the heft and thwack of memory

Sucks like quicksand and quagmire

So climb that cliff, run the manifold paths

That all lead to this high hill.

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