Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Sunday Poet: Lillian Freedman

Poet Lillian Freedman

Lillian Freedman is a nonagenarian who has been interested in poetry all her life. Her favorite poem is 'The Chambered Nautilus' by Oliver Wendell Holmes. It was in 1978 that she wrote her first poem, while on flight to a wedding ceremony and now she is still still at it. She resides in Newton, Ma.

The Enabler

He knows there is always
Another arrow in the quiver
And another deer in the forest
He knows you are the deer
And the arrow will go
Straight to your heart
Do you want to be
The deer in his forest
Or is it your time to graze

He's luring his victim
With his engaging way
Feeding the deer with nibbles
And despite his previous betrayals
His lure is his charm
Setting up the inviting deer
For the coup d'etat
All the while indulging
His every whim
Knowing his enabler
Will be there for him.

-Lillian Freedman

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