Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Molly Lynn Watt

Molly Lynn Watt
Molly Lynn Watt’s poetry memoir “On the Wings of Song: A Journey into the Civil Rights Era” Ibbetson 2014, poems “Jazz Riff” will soon be installed in a Cambridge sidewalk, and “Civil Rights Update” is required reading in Dallas paired with Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream”, co-creator/performer for “George & Ruth: Songs & Letters of the Spanish Civil War” also on CD, “Shadow People,” Ibbetson 2004, curator of Fireside Readings, Bagelbard Anthology editor and ukulele player.


I am not in mourning
I will rise from my periwinkle bed sheets
watch the sun cast shadows on the garden

I will wrap myself in purple
remember playing in the lilac bush and
grandma’s lavender-infused linens

I will be warm energy
and cool serenity going forth—
a blend of red and blue

I will fly ribbons in the wind
write love poems with purple crayon
I will not let despair build a nest in my heart

                                    Molly Lynn Watt, Nov. 10, 2016

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