Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Deniece Woodward

 Our poet this week is Deniece Woodward. She is a member of Teen Voices Emerging--a program that 

gives a voice to Boston teen girls. Prema Bangera, a proud director at this organization hooked me up with

 these talented poets. More information about this organization can be found at

Twin Among Twigs
by Deniece Woodard

Here her rhyme book lays. A simple, small notebook.
Its pages bear no lines, for it is ruled by the strokes you leave on it.
But it hasn’t got those either.
No character, but it could have hers.
Yes, her, and all the mess she is.
The physical scars her past suicide attempt left,
and the emotional scars left by everyone who told her:
Get over it.”
You’re just looking for attention.”
Stop feeling sorry for yourself.”
The ignorance which uttered, “People have it worse than you.”
As if her problems lose validation because someone else’s are “worse.”
Like the mirror above the bathroom sink,
she should see the damage left by this caustic earth in its presence.
She’ll batter the pages with her insecurities,
empty the clip, once loaded with her pain,
pierce the off-white sheets with her blade of self doubt
till she’s lacerated the last leaf.
Her soul will assume it’s found its long lost twin among these twigs.

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