Friday, August 12, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Dennis Daly

Dennis Daly

Dennis Daly lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Daly graduated from Boston College and has an MA in English Literature from Northeastern University. He published two earlier books of poetry: Custom House (Ibbetson Street Press) and Night Walking with Nathaniel (Dos Madres).  His translation of Sophocles’ Ajax (Wilderness House Press) was recently performed in Saratoga Springs, New York under the sponsorship of the classics and drama departments of Skidmore College. Among other jobs Daly has worked as a dockworker, Union Leader of a 9000 member industrial local, newspaper columnist, city department head, and community corrections director. His new book of poetry, Sentinel, was just released by Red Dashboard Publishing. Visit his blog at


Nosing around one of the helix
Bands, searching for enhanced wonderment
On the cavern walls. The gloomy Styx
Flows foully by in chalky current.

Other keen images disturb there
Among the genes of our brother apes.
Paraded inside, an incised mare
Of consciousness and pigmented shapes,

Roughly etched art. Withdrawing sunward
From the bleakness of interior,
Charon’s feverish blue eyes bestirred,
He oars us across the dread water.

Back in the etherized, upper land
We recognize the dead among us,
Traverse the known shortcuts, the quicksand
Of feral dreams, of life’s fullness.

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