Friday, July 01, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Reza Tokaloo


Reza Tokaloo  ( His feet planted on the floor of the 1369 Cafe in Cambridge, Mass.)

 Tokaloo writes:

I think I am becoming more and more of a Somerville/Boston/city writer these days - after having lived and written in Middelboro-Plymouth area about cranberry bogs, the Nemasket River, Plymouth Harbor and southern Mass townies for years! I snapped a picture of my boots at the 1369 cafe near Inman Square.

 A Group of Young Girls on a Subway Train in Boston

                   A small group of
                   Young city girls on the
                   Red Line to Alewife:
                   Bending and displaying
                   Their thin pale legs,
                   Folding and fanning
                   Their immaturity –
                   Overly perfumed.
                   They hide their
                   Behind a public theater
                   Of high-pitched
                   Chatter and staged

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