Saturday, July 09, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Chad Parenteau

Chad Parenteau

 Chad Parenteau moved to  Boston in 1995, he obtained his MFA at Emerson College, studying with Bill Knott, Gail Mazur and John Skoyles. His involvement in the small press  continued, publishing poetry in Meanie and Shampoo and profile pieces  for Lollipop, Comics Interpreter and Whats Up. He was also an early contributor to Boston's Weekly Dig, focusing on artistic and activist groups and reporting as one of a the few print journalists present for the events during and after the 2000 presidential debate at UMass Boston.

In 2003, Chad self-published his first chapbook, Self-Portrait In Fire (based on his MFA thesis) and won a Cambridge Poetry  Award. He continures to appear in numerous print and online publications, including anthologies such as French Connections: A Gathering of Franco-American Poets. In 2007, his poem "Moonlighting" was on display at Boston City Hall as part of The Mayor's Prose and Poetry Program. 2008 saw the publication of his third chapbook, Discarded: Poems for My Apartments from Červená Barva Press.  In 2011, a catalog of his work was added to Framingham State University's Alumni Collection at the Henry Whittemore Library. Recently, his light verse has appeared in such venues as Salon. His first full-length collection, Patron Emeritus, was released in June 2013 from FootHills Publishing.

No Good

Karma has

use-or lose points

dogma always

leaves mess to clean

enemies made

doing what they want

winning way

claiming no one wins

nothing made

out of vacuum

reason cartoons

have "Welcome"

writs traps doors

silence be

comes only

one’s safe word.

––Chad Parenteau, 2014

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