Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Karen Klein

Karen Klein

Karen Klein dances and writes poetry. She is a member of Prometheus Dance Elders Ensemble and dances with the intergenerational group Across the Ages Dance and with several independent choreographers, including Kelley Donovan, Brian Feigenbaum., Karen Bray. Her poetry was a structural part of Prometheus Dance regular company's full evening length performance, Desiderare, and her poem Hello, Babies, a movement/text/live music production was recently performed as part of We Create.Her poems have been published in The Drunken Boat, Pudding, The Aurorean, and are forthcoming in Cape Cod Poetry Review and The Comstock Review


Two summers gone since Jim became ash.
The hunter green square box
so heavy
           and him
           so skinny
           so wasted.
Some of him scattered from kayaks into the clam-filled bay.
Some of his cremated bones honor the earth,
           Adamah,  our birth mother,
intermingle with the soil under my newly planted
           chosen because they can survive
           Joe Pye Weed
           because weeds grow better than cultivars.
They’re natives and perennials and will come back next season
and the next and the next because that’s what perennials do.

But I made the wrong choices.
Unaware, I brought home swamp plants
who like to keep their feet wet
and put them in a sandy, dry soil.
They won’t come back next year.

                                                           Karen Klein

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