Friday, May 27, 2016

The Sunday Poet: Heather Nelson

Heather Nelson

  Heather Nelson is a poet, teacher, mother, and recovering attorney based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She studied writing under the poet C.D. Wright as an undergraduate at Brown University. Most recently she has studied poetry with Tom Daley and Barbara Helfgott Hyett. Heather’s work has appeared in ConstellationsThe Somerville Times , Ekphrastic Review and will appear in the Compassion Anthology in August of 2016.

Two Sisters Heather Nelson

Kate and Eliza were two sisters well-met, arch and iconic, late 80’s vintage-a typical Richard acquisition.
Richard kept shop when the Square was still real, al fresco at Au Bon Pain. Shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chess Master, he sat mixing colors- a splash of kelly green on a wide swath of ball-park mustard.
Kate’s tresses are luxuriant, her expression skeptical- one plump purple brow permanently raised. Eliza smirks at my feminine conceits, thrusts forward in the frame –you want some of this?
Two sisters stepped down from their pedestal, bid farewell to the Silent Bride. Her gig was stationary, theirs dynamic, choosing to watch over us.
These Iron Maidens are our minders, unavoidable but solicitous. We are remarkably successful squatters, they our unswerving guardians, the lady golems of our block.

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