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Červená Barva Press Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Červená Barva Press Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Červená  Barva Press is celebrating 10 years of publishing. There will be a celebration on Thursday, April 16th at the Arts at the Armory in the Cervena Barva Press studio/Basement B8 at 7:00PM, 191 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA.  Refreshments will be served. Parking is available in the back of the building.

Červená Barva Press has published poets, fiction writers and playwrights from all over the world. Many authors who are in the area will take part in the celebration by reading work from their chapbook/book that was published. The readers include:  Ed Hamiliton, Andrey Gritsman, Irene Koronas, Tim Suermondt, Steve Glines, Doug Holder, Harris Gardner, Jack Scully, Mary Bonina, Timothy Gager, Mark Pawlak, Julia Carlson, Rene Schwiesow, Catherine Sasanov, Zvi A. Sesling, Denise Bergman, Michael T. Steffen, Kathleen Aguero, Pamela Annas, Annie Pluto, Krikor Der-Hohanessian, and more to be added as they are heard from.

Červená Barva Press was founded in April 2005 by Gloria Mindock. The name means “red color” in Czech.  Gloria Mindock chose a Czech name to honor Václav Havel and operates the press with William J. Kelle.  Over the years, they have had interns from numerous colleges and volunteers. In 2014, Flavia Cosma came aboard as international editor and Tim Suermondt and Pui Ying Wong joined Irene Koronas, who has been with the press from the beginning, as book reviewers.
In 2005, Červená Barva Press published 21 poetry postcards, which included Catherine Sasanov, Eric Pankey, Michael Burkard, David Ray, Simon Perchik, Gian Lombardo, Gary Fincke, Susan Tepper, Dzvinia Orlowsky,  and others. Since 2006, the press has published 82 chapbooks and over 52 full-length books of poetry, fiction, plays, and translations, and 7 e-books which are free to read online. Červená Barva Press is one of the most active presses in the country.

The Lost Bookshelf Bookstore was started in 2005 along with the press to sell Červená Barva Press books, books on consignment by other authors and presses and used books. The bookstore is online and has a presence in the Červená Barva Press studio.

The Červená Barva Press Reading Series is held in their studio after many years having the series in the Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge, MA. Once that gallery closed, the press found a home in the Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. Events are held such as readings, workshops, panels, and a group of women writers meet each month to share new work with each other. Irene Koronas is co-host of the reading series and helps plan many of the events and whatever else the press may need.
Červená Barva Press holds chapbook contests in poetry and fiction every few years. The press also has a monthly newsletter which features interviews with editors and authors, new books by the press, new books by other presses, book reviews and writing news.

For more information, please contact: Gloria Mindock, editor & publisher

The ten year celebration is open to the public, and we hope friends of Červená Barva Press will join us and past readers in our reading series.

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