Friday, December 19, 2014

Ibbetson Street Press Lifetime Achievement Award--Gloria Mindock

Gloria Mindock

The Ibbetson Street Press Lifetime Achievement Award has been awarded to many prestigious, and community-- minded poets, publishers and writers over the years. Here is a list:

Louisa Solano ( Former owner of the Grolier Poetry Book Shop)

David Godine ( David Godine, Inc.--publisher)

Jack Powers  ( Founder of Stone Soup Poets)

Frank Bidart ( Renowned Poet and Critic)

Afaa Michael Weaver ( Poet- Tufts/Kingsley Award-winner)

Robert Pinsky ( Former Poet Laureate of U.S.)

Robert K. Johnson ( Poet, first Ibbetson Street Press poetry editor)

Most of these Awards were presented at the Somerville News Writers Festival from 2003 to 2011. The winner is given a small cash reward, and a plaque. 

Gloria Mindock is being awarded this honor for her long years as an editor, publisher, director, poet, and her commitment to community, and grassroots organizing. Gloria is the founder of the Cervena Barva Press, ,edited the Boston Literary Review for many years, headed an award-winning theatre troupe, and is a widely published poet and author.

Further details will be forthcoming.....


  1. THE TOP WOMAN on the publishing scene today, Gloria Mindock is so very deserving of this honor. BRAVA Gloria!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Gloria! An inspired choice!