Friday, September 12, 2014

New book poetry collection from Linda Larson: Rise and Shine: New and Selected Poems.


Linda Larson reaches back into the recesses of her mind
and brings back her Southern childhood with a vivid sense
of smell, color, taste and texture. Her poetry is beautifully
nuanced in a way that we can feel the light brush of her
fleeting innocence during a hot summer in Mississippi, and
the older, world weary-but still hopeful woman traversing
Harvard Square on a cold winter’s day. Larson is a master
craftswoman—there is a magical alchemy to the way she
puts words and images together on the page.
— Doug Holder/ Lecturer Creative Writing/Endicott
College, Founder of Ibbetson Street Press.

Linda Larson presents the grit, tragedy and happiness of
human life with clear eyes and with images particular to her
time, which she renders timeless. Her gift to empathize and
to describe the human experience makes it hard to tell if
she speaks from her own life or for lives she has witnessed.
But then it does not matter when we are listening to her
authentic voice remember, record and reveal.
— Kay Dolezal

Linda Larson’s best poems are imbued with a sense of
history, personal and otherwise, that is deeply felt and
achingly honest about what matters most: love, loss,family,
friendship, identity and, ultimately, our own morality.
— Joseph P. Kahn, The Boston Globe

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Rise and Shine: New and Selected Poems by Linda Larson

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