Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Miranda Aisling: Portrait of an Artist as an Idea Machine.

Miranda Aisling

Miranda Aisling: Portrait of an Artist as an Idea Machine.

By Doug Holder

  On Miranda Aisling’s website she describes herself as an “idea machine.” And indeed, Aisling is chock-full of ideas for different creative projects. Aisling, who lives on the Somerville/Arlington line, loves the area. She said: “I love all the artists, and young creative people that are running art-based businesses.” Aisling, who holds an advanced degree in Community Arts from Lesley University, has recently written a book “Don’t Make Art, Make Something.” In a nutshell the book deals with the creative block most people encounter in their lives. Aisling said: “Once people create, just the act of creating opens things up. I want people to recognize their creativity. Not everyone is going to be an accomplished artist but everyone has their own degree of creativity.”

  Aisling told me she is very interested in creating with groups.  She feels group work in the arts strengthens the community at large. With this in mind Aisling is hoping to create an art hotel. The hotel, which does not have a set location as of yet, will be a place that will be appointed with furniture, paintings, and other trappings made by artists. Guests could conceivably buy art in the rooms if they are so inclined.

 Currently Aisling heads a collective of artists called “Miranda’s Hearth.” She hopes that this group will develop a physical hotel at some point. Currently her group hosts monthly dinners with artists of all stripes, often at the Democracy Center in Harvard Square.

Aisling, who is a classically trained pianist and singer songwriter, pays her bills by working as an office manager at the Umbrella Community Arts Center in Concord, Mass. She has worked as a teacher at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and traveled to El Salvador where she worked on producing a mural in a rural town with a fellow artist.

Aisling tells me she likes to go to the open mic nights at the Bloc 11 Café in Union Square, and other venues that our city has to offer. To find out more about Aisling go to:   http://www.mirandaaisling.com

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