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Historic Diary by Tony Trigilio

Historic Diary

Tony Trigilio

Blaze Vox [book]

ISBN: 978-1-60964-012-5


“Oswald's 'Historic Diary,' which commences on October 16, 1959

the date Oswald arrived in Moscow, and other writings he later

prepared, have provided the Commission with one source of information

about Oswald's activities throughout his stay in the Soviet Union.

Even assuming the diary was intended to be a truthful record, it is

not an accurate guide to the details of Oswald's activities.”

-The Warren Commission Report-

Trigilio researches most-or-all the events that surrounded the life of Harvey

Lee Oswald. Some people remember the day president Kennedy was shot

in Dallas Texas. If the reader does not know about these events then this

book will inform and raise questions. My question is what is poetry?

I can place this book in an experimental category but some may find it

unconventional writing, that is, some may not regard the creative work

poetry. I think of this book as multi-poetic/investigative/explorations.

Trigilio melds imagination with factual information. The reader will

travel through poetic forms and factual elements.

The experimentation in this book is used as intellectual tools to expound

on what many readers may consider theories, or imagination, or cover-up.

I relate the contents to the poet Susan Howe who presented letters from a

library archive, as poetry. Howe did the research and then presented the

letters as is. The contents of Trigilio's book will intrigue and draw the

reader into a genre of poetry that is expanding its influence as a viable

way of presenting poetry, which makes it difficult to review since it is not

what one may expect of poetry. Trigilio presents events and the events

are presented as poetry. What I appreciate about his work is that he

manipulates his findings, making for a creative read.

“If something happens to...It was 1958 when...If something

happens to Richard...We drove the Skylark to Granville, Tx...

If something...It couldn't have been 1958...But how come

Tony doesn't visit his cousin Tommy, he lives in Chicago...”...

The above poem continues on for a little more than a page and is hinged

on repetition. Each verse or poem or page is full of explanations that thread

the poems together like an underground existence emerging in dead voices;

connections which seem to collaborate another world explanation.

“Marguerite Oswald

This is my life and my son's life

going down in history.

At grammar school graduation, I had the honor

of wearing a pink dress instead of a white one.

And sang the song “Little Pink Roses.”

I played the piano. We had house parties

in those days and a lot of gatherings-

and it was everything Marguerite.

I also played a ukulele.

.. .. ..

.. .. ..

Lee used to climb the roof with binoculars,

looking at the stars.

He read about astrology and knew about

any animal there was. I don't doubt

he studied the animals-their feeding habits,

sleeping habits, their secrets.

He could converse. At the Bronx Zoo.

That's where they picked him up for truancy...”

Irene Koronas


Ibbetson Street Press

Poetry Editor:

Wilderness House Literary Review

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