Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lyrical Somerville with Doug Holder in The Somerville News

The Lyrical Somerville is a weekly column in The Somerville News--here is this week's issue.

Cynthia Staples is a Somerville-based writer and photographer. It may have been coincidence, but moving to Somerville a few years ago lit a creative fire that she hopes will burn a long time. Her writing can be found online and in print publications including African Voices, Creativity Portal, Dead Mule, the Seattle Times and She’s appreciated the opportunities to share her photography at the Nave Gallery and through Somerville Open Studios. You can follow both her words and images at

The Absence of Color

Does sadness have a color?
Muted blue perhaps tinged with gray,
White with ash layered throughout like Morbier cheese?
Not black. Black is beautiful
As is gold, brown and green. They indicate life.
Sadness equals absence
Of light and color and warmth.
Arctic white then, yes,
That’s the color of sadness.

To have your work considered for the Lyrical send it to:
Doug Holder, 25 School St.; Somerville, MA 02143.

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