Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A Contest That Could Change A Life

Yes, it’s our first (and hopefully last) annual “Help Doug Find A Job” Contest and it’s your chance to win a dozen titles from Ibbetson Street Press (all brand new, never read)!

How to win, you ask? There are two ways…

First, you could help Doug find a job by making the winning suggestion that leads to a new, ongoing, sufficiently-funded job or long-term gig. Your suggestion must be specific in its advice, offering either a profession, professional contact or area of opportunity previously unknown or unexplored by Doug. Note: all suggestions must be for legally-based enterprises.

Second, you could help Doug find a job by offering him a connection to someone with an actual job opening. Here again, because Doug has no time for jail or money for lawyers, the job in question must be an honest enterprise completely above-board and sufficiently remunerative.

To Win: Your suggestion must lead to actual, long-term employment for Doug Holder. No extra points for job satisfaction, decent benefits or an easy commute.

Entries must be forwarded to Doug Holder c/o by midnight on Memorial Day (May 31, 2010). In the event of a tie—two entrants making the same job-winning suggestion—the prize will be split evenly (remember, Solomon did this with excellent results).

THE WINNER will be announced upon the conclusion of Doug’s successful search for employment. This is an equal opportunity contest. In other words, Doug will accept help from anyone.

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