Saturday, July 11, 2009

BLACK AND BLUE,a new DVD by Lo Galluccio

BLACK AND BLUE,a new DVD by Lo Gallucio, gallucio Lo Galluico-singer/ (piano) Eric Zinman,6-26-’09.

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Everything that Lo Gallucio touches turns into magic. The songs here aren’t that avant-gardish and outer-space-ish, but the pianist, Eric Zinman, is a wildman piano-banger/experimenter, and Lo’s performance throughout, both with wild and more traditional backgrounds, hits you right between the eyes.Lo is Ms. Experimentalist, mistress of all and every kind of pop expression, and once you start listening, you can’t stop. She brings you back to Chicago, New York, New Orleans, from the 30’s to the 80’s to Infinity.Another amazing thing that reveals the depths of her musical talent is the fact that she did the arrangements of half the songs, including “You go to my Head,,” “Mona Lisa/Mozart’s Wife” and the ee cummings tune “The Boys I Mean are no Refined.”Everything on the edge of wild experimentation, avant, avant garde and then some, but at the same time loaded with old-time Jazz power. The main thing here is total mastery of sound, nothing normal, ordinary, deja vu, everything fresh, new, never-before-heard, and Lo Gallucio totally in charge of the sound. A trip into outer musical space!

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