Friday, July 24, 2009

The author’s Guide to Publishing and Marketing by Tim Ward and John Hunt

The author’s Guide to Publishing
and Marketing $19.95
Tim Ward & John Hunt
2009 ISBN 9781846941665

“This book is written jointly by a publisher and an author, putting their ideas together on the challenges and opportunities for today’s writers.”

There are four parts to this informative book about getting your book of poems or a novel, put out there, into the ’big, bad,‘ publishing world. The reader will get the truth about all the aspects of getting published, marketing your book, using the internet and working with the media.

Without a doubt, if the reader assumes the positions necessary to getting published, this book suggests, you will be a star, not really, but you may at least have a fighting chance. Just as the authors pitch, publishing, they are also selling. So using their own criteria, “The best strategy is to selectively target the groups of people who make up the most likely readers for you book.”

I recommend it to all the writers and publishers of small presses. This will help guide your journey through the market place and we all know we initially need a guide to help us understand the goals, the reality of trying to become famous, make some money, or just get a cherished book published and what market is appropriate to attain that result.

Irene Koronas
Poetry Editor
Ibbetson Street Press

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