Friday, May 29, 2009

PROS and CONS by Paul De Fazio, Michael DeFazio.

PROS and CONS by Paul De Fazio, Michael DeFazio. (High-Pitched Hum Publishing 321 15th St. North Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250)

* trade or soft cover book is available at or ordered through local book store for $17.95 (hard cover is sold out).

The suspense novel Pros and Cons by Paul DeFazio and Michael DeFazio has all the earmarks of an action/thriller movie. There is ample sex, and violence, enough to keep a rating board fully occupied and preoccupied. It concerns a Boston police detective Joe Milano and his cousin Frank, a Boston corrections officer, and their lethal clash with Dominican drug dealers. Paul DeFazio has extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, and this evidenced in the use all the criminal justice jargon, and the very off-the-cuff, and tough dialogue. In this novel you get in a lot of places you have no business being in: in the nefarious head of a drug dealer and enforcer, a Dominican brothel, the dank despair of a Boston prison. Don’t look for profound insights into the human condition, literary allusions, and language flush with metaphor.

This novel makes no pretense towards being a high literary work. This is a straight-no-chaser example of genre writing. It is formulaic, cinematic, and in your face. In this book you might find out more than you want to know about sex hobbyists, but then again …you seem to linger on that page, now don’t you, pal? And Boston-area residents will like all the local references: Roxbury, Mass. General Hospital, the dirty water of the Charles River, and other settings in the land of the Bean and the Cod, the Cabot, and the Lodge. This book is a quick summer read, and it goes down as smoothly as that umbrella drink you will be sipping on, on some sun-drenched beach.

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  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Great book! If you like a little criminal justice mixed in with some overseas sexcapades, you will love it. Great characters and story! RS

  2. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Loved every second of it. A quick read with great characters. Very satisfying ending leaves the reader wanting more from the authors.

  3. P.B. Melbourne Aus2:18 AM

    This is a terrific read - you can't help thinking the authors have "been there and done that". As a fan of established novelists such as Clancy, Robertson and Harris, I found the writing to be of high quality yet simple and easy to read. Highly recommended.