Saturday, May 16, 2009

FRESH GRASS: 32 Independent Poets

I just got the latest anthology from the PRESA PRESS. PRESA has been described as a "Who's Who of small press poets with substantial reputations." ( Phil Wagner, Iconoclast) Eric Greinke founded this press. From the introduction:

"This anthology presents generous selections from the works of the most frequently published contributers to issue 1-8 of PRESA. During the first four years of Presa, a canon of poets emerged. They rose like cream to the top of our cups, not only through their contributions to PRESA, but in their participation in the independent literary scene. These are poets with established reputations whose work has been published primarily in the best indie literary journals as Bogg, Chiron Review, Gargoyle,Hazmat Review,Home Planet News, Iconoclast, The New York Quarterly, Poesy and Rattle, as well as in numerous smaller magazines of equal quality such as Barbaric Yawp, Big Scream, Free Verse,& Ibbetson Street. Webzines such as Napalm Health Spa, The Pedestal and Wilderness House Literary Review spread their seeds to fertilize around the globe."


John Amen
Guy Beining
Alan Catlin
David Chorlton
Kirby Congdon
David Cope
John Elsberg
Jean Esteve
Michael Flannagan
Hugh Fox
Eric Greinke John Grey
Carol Hamilton
Doug Holder
Robert K. Johnson
Arthur W. Knight
Ronnie M. Lane
Donald Lev
Lyn Lifshin
Ellaraine Lockie
Gerald Locklin
B.Z. Niditch
Simon Perchik
Charles P. Ries
Lynne Savitt
Harry Smith
Jared Smith
Joseph Verrilli
Nathan Whitting
AD Winans

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