Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sarasota VII. by Lo Galluccio

Sarasota VII.
By Lo Galluccio
2008; 57pp;Pa; Cervena
Barva Press, PO Box 440357,
W. Somerville, MA 02144-3222.

Review by Hugh Fox

A lot of personal, intimate, chatty info here, always brush-stroked with masterful artistry by writer-singer-you-name-it artist Lo Galluccio, one of the most interesting geniuses on the artistic scene today. And all the personal business always contextualized inside a sense of ultimate cosmic disaster: “THE BLACK HOLE ITSELF...CANNOT BE SEEN. WHAT IS BEING OBSERVED PRESUMABLY, IS/THE CONGREGATION OF STARS ORBITING THE GALACTIC CORE AND BEING PULLED TOWARD THE CENTER BY THE BLACK HOLE’S RELENTLESS GRAVITY.....” ( #16, p.17).A strong sense of sensuality/sexuality but always in a context of, if not cosmic , then personal darkness: “In a bar called Lola’s. Your eyes dilate. ‘I have to get out of here,’ you say. We left. We walked silently to the yellow house where I stayed in that kissed me. Again and again. So you might suck the essence of me into the storm of your stomach...You wanted me to sleep with you, to dispell your ghosts.” (#15,p.15)There’s no one on the current writing scene more powerfully reality-creating than Lo. Under her power the page becomes not just a talking screen but Reality Itself. You’re there, all the days and nights, flights and fights, always in not only a cosmic but a Time-Present-Moving-Into-Future context: “There will come a point in time when words will be inflicted on computer screens by brain waves. Will love be inflicted similarly, onto a face by a compulsion of eyes.” (ee, p.50). You read Gallucio and you walk away with your whole world-view transformed. The provocative sensuous Now contextualized in an an All-space of ultimate grief. A must-read!

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