Friday, March 13, 2009

The Light of Fields by Michael Kriesel

The Light of Fields
Michael Kriesel
Propaganda Press 2009
Pocket Protector Series: book seven

two inches by about three inches; this book of poems fits in the palm of a hand like something new born; the soft tiny words barely audible:

“how to come to the frozen numb
speaking of fields showing gold

knowing no cold
that the warmth of flesh cannot survive

and to come to these starving
whose tongues sing their stomachs of

telling of bodiless songs rising in them
whose sight follows stars against

to come to those silhouettes
pressing themselves against ledges
to listen for wind

and to tell them of others who listen

and know it is true”

the succinct continuality is established from the first poem to the last poem,. they read like a small novel, a small telling, “with a terrifying love I’ve seen, unreasoning, clings past its season…” don’t let, ‘the light of fields’ slip out of sight, or off your hands. keep the tiny flecks written within the yellow pages, “go beyond the poking stubble to the stand of spruce.”

Irene Koronas
Poetry Editor
Ibbetson Street Press

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