Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Book of Colors and Painters by Korkut Onaran

The Book of Colors
And Painters
Korkut Onaran
Cervena Barva Press
1007 Chapbook Award Winner 7.00

Review by Irene Koronas

Korkut Onaran creates in two parts; the first part imparts how the artist thinks about colors. “then, what remains is reflected on the water surface.” each color, each pigment, represents his personal perspective, “like phallic flowers” or “black has brought titanic silences.”

In part two we meet the painters; chagall:

“…the full moon is taking them into a pool
of blue, a deep dark bright blue,
and they swim in it
eating the plums, the grapes,
eating the tiny bananas,

and they speak of the flowers
-word by word, the flowers-
and they speak like fireworks…”

we meet Paul Klee:

“full moon
into the pond
and bounces

then touches the window
glows on the ceiling
lands on child’s cheeks
and enters his dreams…”

This chapbook is bound to call attention to itself and to you the reader who will enjoy all the implications of color.

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