Monday, February 16, 2009

Recurring Dreams by MRB CHELKO

Recurring Dreams

by MRB Chelko


Buffalo NY

Softbound, ISBN 978-1-934513-163-3
Review by Zvi A. Sesling

I have always been a sucker for short poems that

say something to the reader – sometimes on the first

read, sometimes on the second or third time around.

Chelko’s poems are very short, each three lines, influenced by

haiku or perhaps other poets. I tried reading the six poems in

this tiny chapbook as one poem and it could work – almost.

These poems have something to say. After you breeze through

the six of them quickly go back and read them again. Then

again. You will find some hidden meanings (I dislike reviewers

who find things the author never said or intended, so I’ll dispense

with that) or maybe something about yourself.

Whatever, these six three liners are quite enjoyable and I think I would

enjoy reading Chelko’s full volumes of poetry.

Here is poem No. 5:

The dog of my childhood is put to sleep

My parents do not bring her body home –

We bury sticks.

Did you ever have a dog as a child – or even as an adult? Did you have

to euthanize it? I remember several dogs that never came home when I

was a child. Different excuses, but always the same result. We didn’t

bury sticks, but when we drove by a cemetery I always thought of the

dogs. And there was the one pushed into a green garbage bag...well enough

of that.

Let’s say the other five poems brought back different memories. So bring

on more MRB Chelko. I’ll read them.

---- Zvi Sesling is the editor of the Muddy River review.

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