Tuesday, February 24, 2009

All My Eggs Are Broken by Mike Basinski

All My Eggs Are Broken
Michael Basinski
Blaze Vox [Books]
Buffalo New York
2007 ISBN: 1-934289-31-0


“The poem and poems arise from my reading of the Medical Museum’s section on: thee Heart and Stomach. Once upon a time, Medical Doctors discovered what they thought were stones in the hearts of the deceased. They did not know what they were. A heart full of stones seemed like a grand place for poetry….” Michael Basinski

The first rush of pages, the display of dots and self indulgent glyphs; one might wonder who wants or cares to read this solid book of poems…


attemplatapus seaDuction
geese goose chicken of Fall
supreme as whim she eaters tuna salad
tuna ye olde refrigeratur mermaid
rattle Rubbermaid Rimbaud
cutting cottage cheese dress…”

it is I, the reviewer who deems, possibility, the experimental poetry with all references, external intellectuality, and therein the problem of critique, review, and summation of what may at first appear unapproachable. “I suggest you are no longer here inspiring beginning sing wem wen Wed Wenday and neither of 1.” for this audacious reviewer it is a joy to skim the cream off the top, to find playful glee between the pages, the shiny covers. I slip seduced by all the word games and I get off on dots and a sense of scribbling an inner consciousness, an inner incision of discovery.

“ow ho 59
io ools ov
io oun
dow or ho so
io eelicit
ro rue oto io
yo to ato ato lor
of vous no of
insect oo
no ow of insect
onl insect
to co ou
gno 96

ooo if only I could explain the zero the circle the Oooo made in u s, a, anthology of drawing the reader in and an understanding of being an egg…already cracked open; what is being said is not as unusual as one might expect and academia has surrounded itself with the explainable, reasoning references. at last writing breaks barriers; abstracts, minimalizes, non-objectionalizes, catches up with other art forms.

spyder hangs on spyder’s silk
milkin puppet memory
closing an empty door
absent saucer and cup
of coffee
I am not here
out of his finger
and spoon
he hears her
getting into the bathtub
breathing the engine
driving away.”

Basinski, I am a member of your fan club, your motto, “practice the aside of poetry,” your book inspires, multiplies and ascribes


I recommend this book to all poets and recommend the reader who is interested in serious operations of this sort to view www.ubu.com. you will find historic renditions, creative writing and contemporary papers on what one might term, 'experimental' poetry. you will also be able to access more of Michael Basinski’s creative work. there are scholarly papers to help the reader understand the understandable questions one might ask, that I am incapable of answering.

Irene Koronas is the poetry editor of the Ibbetson Street Press.

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