Monday, December 15, 2008

Cervena Barva Press:Poetry nominated for the 2008 Pushcart Prize

Cervena Barva Press

Poetry nominated for the 2008 Pushcart Prize

“Ways of Forgetting” by Flavia Cosma/from her full-length collection, The Season of Love.

(P. 40-41)

“Bird Scarer” by Glenn Sheldon/from his full-length collection, Bird Scarer (P. 21-22)

“Competence” by Kathleen Aguero/from her chapbook, Investigations: The Mystery of the Girl

Sleuth (P.18-19)

“Portrait of the Author as Six-Year-Old Yankee” by Catherine Sasanov/from her chapbook, Tara

(P. 14)

“Dear Regime” by Roger Sedarat/from his chapbook, From Tehran to Texas (P. 10)

“In the Twin Towers” by Doug Holder/from his full-length collection, The Man in the Booth in the Midtown Tunnel”

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