Thursday, June 05, 2008

Gloom Cupboard Issue 3

Gloom Cupboard
Literature for the common people


Gloom Cupboard is a well-known literary blog that prints a hard copy, chap-sized magazine. I had the pleasure to be both on the blog and in the print edition. This enterprise is headed by two English poets Richard Wink and Alan Corkish. The magazine has published such small press poets as Lynn Lifshin, and Stanley Barkan, as well as lesser-known poets. In Issue 3 there is some interesting work by Karl Koweski. In his poem “Edward Lorenz” (the father of the “Butterfly Effect” theory), the poet describes how Lorenz’s death in Cambridge, Mass., affected some distant, disparate place.

“ Edward Lorenz, 90
Father of the
butterfly effect chaos theory
died today
at his home in
Cambridge, Massachusetts

in Aardmore County,
straight line wind,
tore the roof off
a house trailer.”

Other poems of note: “A Poem is not an Empty Room,” by Jim Murdoch, and “My Father” by Jack Henry. This is an interestingly quirky new ‘zine from across the pond.

Doug Holder/Ibbetson Update

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  1. Thanks for the mention. It was nice finding a magazine that was looking to publish a selection of poetry rather than just the odd one. They took four of mine and a fifth on their website. Also their response time was decent, not the months it takes some magazines to get back to you.