Monday, March 31, 2008

Hugh Fox's "Way, Way Off the Road"reviewed in Axe Factory 22

( Axe Factory PO BOX 40691 Philadelphia, PA 19107) Joesph Farley, editor

Hugh Fox’s memoir “Way, Way Off The Road: The Memoirs of the Invisible Man.” (Ibbetson 2006) Has been reviewed by the Axe Factory (22) Joseph Farley the editor writes:

“Part Autobiography, part commentary on the writers of his generation, Fox’s book is a wild ride. The transitions are not always smooth, the design quirky, but in the end it is a fascinating journey. My only regret was that “Way, Way Off The Road” was not longer.

A lot of space is devoted to Fox’s relationship with Harry Smith, editor and publisher of THE SMITH. This is fine, but there are so many other characters in Fox’s life that are introduced and passed over quickly, including members of his amorphous family. I wanted to know more about them.

I strongly recommend taking this book home with you and giving it a good read. I just wish it were 500 pages instead of 275.

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