Monday, January 21, 2008

More Pictures from Israel Trip/Poem from Rena Navon

Some more pictures of my Israel Trip as a guest of the literary organization "Voices Israel"

Voices Israel Award Ceremony Tel Aviv

Doug Holder with Ada Aharoni author of the "Inner Voice of Saul Bellow"

Workshop-- Netanya, Israel.

* photos courtesy of Wendy Blumfield.

Poem From Rena Navon ( Voice israel Poet)


Doug Holder, we were happy to have you as our bard
You were always with us writers, thinking hard.
A quiet stream guided our attention, deftly
helping our poetic talent to further emerge.

Restrained, you patiently showed us your respect.
New Yorker and Bostonian, you aptly satisfied
our Mediterranean thirst, trusting
a message of our own to finally speak.

You silently weighed our poetry
at a painter's distance while allowing us others to
claim balance, form or values of various hues
before we came to submit our poems to you.

Doug, this is what you
Judge with integrity, can do.

Thank you.

Rena Navon

* Rena Navon wasBorn and educated in Pittsburgh, Pa. Fulbright for a project in poetry at universite de Caen. Ph.D. in French from Harvard. Teacher at Simmons and Wheaton Colleges. Dance student in master classes led by Robert Cohan, Merce Cunningham, Erick Hawkins amongst others. Performer in dance concerts at Radcliffe and Brandeis. Wrote most of her poetry after emigrating with family in 1974. Poems published abroad as well as those appearing regularly in Voices: Israel. Translations of his poetry commissioned by Natan Zach and published by Mellon Press. Honorary Mention in Miriam Lindberg's Peace Prize Competition. Leader of some early Voices' Workshops. Editorial Board for Anthology. Married to Professor of Philosophy, mother of 3 and grandmother of 23 for whom she needs 2 addresses to visit them all—Kefar Hassidim and Jerusalem.

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  1. A very helpful reference to my performance of poetry selected by poetry editor Doug Holder for his visit to Israel.