Monday, May 28, 2007

Modern Lovers: Sherman Cafe- Memorial Day ( Somerville, Mass.)

So there I was having a scone at Sherman' I have done on and off for a decade, when I hear someone say : "Hey, I hear you are closing." I asked the counterman, and he said today--Sunday Sept 14, 2014 was the last day of the Sherman Cafe. I guess it wasn't making money--and the owner decided to close it. They are going to morph into a somewhat tony ice cream shop--that will probably fit the high end image the hip and new square will affect in the coming months and years. It was a great cafe-- I have interviewed many local and national writers and artists there like Hugh Fox, Ethan Gilsdorf, Afaa Michael Weaver, too many to name. I also reveled in their oatmeal/cherry made rare appearances as of late. I also composed many a poem there. This fateful morning I was having breakfast with my old friend Jennifer Matthews--who is relocating to another part of the state, and who I just finished a music,poetry collaboration with. So parting is such sweet/sorrow.. Here is a poem I wrote at the said cafe some years ago--hope you enjoy:

Modern Lovers: Sherman Cafe-Memorial Day-Somerville, Mass.


joined at the hip...

they sit.

Across the small table

hand on his mouse

the other on

the folds of her

draping blouse.

He sends an amorous


to the inbox

of her wireless

beating heart--

And says the very

same things,

lovers have

always said,

from the start.

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